Classic Car Rental Las Vegas

So you're going to Vegas. Whether it’s for vacation, business, anniversary, birthday or just to let lose, a Las Vegas trip should always be treated as something special and memorable. You will not find a better way to go to Las Vegas then in a convertible Classic car or an American Muscle car.

Las Vegas is an extraordinary place that offers amazing experiences and unforgettable memories. What most people overlook is the vehicle they are driving to Vegas or while they are in Las Vegas. To maximize your Las Vegas experience, make your car rental selection a special one.

Now imagine your road trip to Las Vegas, in a 1973 Convertible Cadillac Eldorado. The top down, wind in your hair and the sun on your side. This is exactly how a trip to Las Vegas was meant to be taken.

Next time you’re going to Las Vegas, rent a classic car and get the full Vegas experience.

View Classic Car Fleet. All Available to rent for your next time on the Strip.